Eisernmann Rammstein Tribute


Rammstein tribute
Mi Italy

Fire show

Discover the adrenaline and pyrotechnics
of an explosive show for bigger stages.


Club show

Find out how small venues can be
set on fire too. Even without fire itself.

Matteo Gatto
Marco Furlan
Gianluca d'Amico
Marco Albanese
Damiano Merazzi
Enrico Soavi



Rammstein tribute band from MI Italy

present since 2010 when Rammstein was confined to a niche, and now established as the German band sells out stadiums, reaching universal acclaim.
Eisernmann have been and continue to be the choice for key venues in northern Italy such as Alcatraz, Phenomenon, Live Club, and international motorcycle rallies like HarleyTreffen and Motoraduno dello Stelvio. With a pyrotechnic show paying homage to the German band, Eisernmann operates seamlessly even without gimmicks, making them highly appreciated by audiences even in smaller clubs.


Band contact

whatsapp +39 340.6131481

email eisernmannband@gmail.com


whatsapp +39 349.1525872

email info@starsgarden.it